Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant

NHK is reporting that a outer wall of the nuclear power plant no. 1 in Fukushima has been destroyed in an explosion. The image shows how one building (on the left) is missing at 16:30PM, compared to 9AM this morning. TBS is reporting that two workers have been injured. NHK is saying several people are injured. At a press conference 18:00, they didn't have many details and are urging people to stay calm and not spread information that is not confirmed.

As of 23:00 Saturday night, 3 out of 90 patients have tested positive for radioactive poisoning at a local Fukushima hospital, according to NHK.

The Fukushima nuclear power plants are about 250km (160 miles) north-east of Tokyo.

Image from NHK from UStream

The NHK English website has good updates that so far seem the most reliable source of information...


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