Brutus: About Organic Farming

Surprise, surprise. Brutus goes organic and introduces farms in Denmark and Canada that do without agro-chemicals, be it herbicides or pesticides or any other man-made poison.

This is a glossy Magazine House men's style magazine with a long history here, that usually carries ads for expensive watches and hand-made leather shoes, so I was glad to see they devote quite some space to Yoshikazu Kawaguchi, a great guy in Nara I met some time ago, who practices natural farming in the tradition of Masanobu Fukuoka (and many others in the old days).

Et tu, Brutus, har har. Has it come to this? When more people care about food and the environment, I guess it will ultimately become trendy even among the people with more money than sense. Hope it is not another case of too little, too late. I like the 26 summer salad recipes, yummy. I'll label this as "progress" nevertheless.

Brutus # 759 (J)


Anonymous said…
Yoneji called it back in 2007: The Revival of Natural Living, or "Kikori Boom":

Basically, the marketing will shift towards directing people back to the land, and the people will get there traveling along the very roads they used to leave the countryside for the city.

adams guild, Japan
Hi Martin,

Kawaguchi-san is an amazing guy. I wrote an article about him in English, which can be found here:

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