Recepie For Duty Of Care

Add one spoonful of Abe Shinzo's speech to Wall Street, including his weird reference to that 1980s movie character, Gordon Gekko:

Ladies and gentlemen, I am grateful to have this opportunity to speak to you today. Wall Street, an entity that moves the global economy-- when I hear the name, my mind turns to Gordon Gekko, played by Michael Douglas.
In the original film in 1987, the words "Nikkei Index" appear. Japanese businessmen also take the screen and the film reminds us of the era in which the Japanese economy was regarded as a juggernaut.
However, in the 2010 sequel, the investors that appear are Chinese and it is not Wall Street but London where Gordon amasses his wealth. Japan is conspicuous only in its absence. Just as the title, "Money Never Sleeps," indicates, the principle that money flows to wherever the profits are is decidedly severe.
It is certainly true that after the bursting of its bubble, from the 1990's Japan was mired in almost 20 years of deflation and the economy was sluggish. But today, I have come to tell you that Japan will once again be a country where there is money to be made, and that just as Gordon Gekko made a comeback in the financial world after 23 years of absence, so too can we now say that "Japan is back."

Whip together with Judge John Deed, if you have got an hour and a half. (I have no idea what movie PM Abe is referring to).

Who am I to add additional orders?

For some spice, add Fukushima Daiichi, at the Olympics recently in Buenos Aires, when Mr. Abe clearly lied to the world, stating that the three reactors with core meltdowns are now under control. They are not.


Pandabonium said…
We measure "progress" as production. But in fact, companies, the economy, as measured, does not produce anything. It consumes. It consumes resources - our earth, our environment - and to make "things" that are used for a short time without producing anything - cars, smart phones, etc. - which then end up being discarded. It is by any measure nothing but a consumption/waste model of economics.

It would be a sad thing for Japan to be "back". As all that would mean would be that Japan is once again wasting away our planet at a prodigious rate.

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