Beans 1

I had to laugh when I found these genki beans in the back of my fridge. Captions, please!

I had forgotten about them, sorry to say, but they had other plans.

Like, "escape" or at least do the best beans can do.

"Hey guys, let's get out of this old pod!" "OK, make a break for it, all together now!" "Isn't it getting stinky in here, wouldn't mind a bit of a breather myself...?" "OH! Girls, I saw the light?!" "OH! I do belieeeve..." "Me toooo!"

Or something like that. Or, more likely, "Ahem, it is late January, genetically speaking we should all be starting to think about sprouting about, ahem, grin and bear it, around NOW..."

I did have mercy on most of them, and planted them in real soil. If there is a follow up, I'll let you all know. Thanks for reading Kurashi.

And isn't the photo just hilarious: "Kick!"


Tom O said…
"You know, guys, I think this look is beginning to grow on us".

Btw, good to see these chaps getting back to their roots...

Martin J Frid said…
"1, 2, 3 noone will notice if we start playing a tune..."
These are pretty adorable; they look like caterpillars trying to walk away; please post a photo of them as plants!
Martin J Frid said…
Thanks, ok, I will keep an eye on them for you!

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