Silver Spoon

I should have posted this, they made a regular movie out of the anime Silver Spoon... So Hachiken, this regular Tokyo city kid goes to agricultural college in Hokkaido, and learns to love animals, and the rest that humans do to them... He reluctantly finds out what most people prefer not to know about, like how eggs are "made" or what happens to cute piglets when they get big and fat and...

Well, if you read Kurashi, you most likely know the rest of the story!

Enjoy... if that's the word ;)

Music by Sukima Switch

銀の匙 Silver Spoon 2014 映画 予告編

I kind of prefer the anime version, though!

銀之匙 片尾曲 - Hello Especially 


Pandabonium said…
Each of these is pretty "sanitized" though the anime version is better I think. We live within one kilometer of a pig farm. It isn't a big operation, but still the conditions for the animal are horrific (who would want to live in their own excrement?) and it overflows into drainage ditches along the main road making a health hazard to anyone in the area. And it is all so unnecessary!

May all beings be happy.
May they be joyous and live in safety.
All living beings, whether weak or strong,
in high or middle, or low realms of existence,
small or great, visible or invisible, near or far,
born or to be born.
May all beings be happy.

-A Buddhist Metta

Martin J Frid said…
Wonderful "metta" - I wish people reading it will read it slowly, line by line.

We live in such a high-speed society that values nothing. "May all beings be happy" is such a great wish. Not for yourself, but for everyone.

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