Cyber-activists claim success

Good NGO campaigns are always a joy. Months of campaigning by environmental cyber-activists, who sent thousands of e-mails demanding an end to commercial whaling, has been a success. Now Nissui, Gortons and other companies are doing the right thing, pulling out of the whaling business, according to The Independent:

Japan's ruthless push for the return of commercial whaling received a significant setback yesterday when pressure from green campaigners forced five big food companies to pull out of supporting the Japanese whaling industry.

The five firms, led by the Japanese seafood giant Nissui and its wholly-owned US frozen foods subsidiary Gortons, said they would divest their one-third share in Japan's largest operator of whaling ships, Kyodo Senpaku. The firm runs seven of the eight whaling ships in Japan.

Greenpeace has even coined a new usage: "to mouse someone" - meaning using the computer mouse to send a electronic message to someone - and it also has a funny nuance reminding one of "the mouse that roared"... Read more here. Do become a member, these people are doing a great job. Greenpeace podcasts can be found here.


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