Japan: Not an easy places to raise children

The Daily Yomiuri has the results from a survey that was conducted in Japan, France, South Korea, Sweden and the United States between October and December 2005 to obtain data that will help the countries tackle their falling birthrates:

Less than half of pollees in Japan said their country offers a sympathetic environment to parents raising children, while a majority of those surveyed in Sweden and the United States said sufficient support is provided in their countries for child-rearing, according to the results of a five-country survey released by the Cabinet Office on Thursday.

Asked whether their countries provide an environment in which they can easily have children, 48 percent of those polled in Japan gave positive answers, but the rates of those in Sweden and the United States--which have a reputation for supporting families--reached 98 percent and 78 percent, respectively.

The survey results also showed that many respondents in Sweden regard raising children as the joint work of mothers and fathers, while many pollees in Japan think it is a mother's job.

Few in Japan think their country is an easy place to raise kids.


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