OECD: Iceland most wired nation on Earth

In Iceland, 26.7 percent of citizens have a subscription to broadband Internet connections, compared with 25.4 percent in South Korea, 25.3 percent in the Netherlands and 25 percent in Denmark, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) said in a study, according to Reuters.

The number of broadband subscriptions throughout the OECD countries grew to 158 million by December 2005 from 136 million six months earlier. This is an average of 13.6 subscribers per 100 inhabitants in the entire OECD.

The United States, with 16.8 percent broadband penetration, counted 49.39 million subscribers in 2005, compared with 22.52 million in Japan which has 17.6 percent penetration. The fastest broadband download speeds are in Japan and Korea as a result of fibre-optic cable connections.

Graphs and details here.


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