Japan-China environmental protection forum in Tokyo

NHK reported from the Japan-China energy-saving and environmental protection forum that opened on Monday in Tokyo. Over 780 government and corporate officials are discussing ways for Japan to help China conserve energy:

Economy, trade, and industry minister Toshihiro Nikai said in an opening speech that he expects the forum will enhance the two countries' cooperation on energy conservation and help to resolve environmental issues. China's commerce minister, Bo Xilai, said China intends to strengthen ties with Japan in the energy-saving and environmental sectors, as Japan has some of the world's top technologies in these fields.

Due to its rapid economic expansion, China is expected to account for about 15 percent of the world's total energy demand in the year 2030. The Chinese government intends to improve the country's energy efficiency by 20 percent over the next five years. The participants will discuss such topics as energy conservation and environmental protection in steel production and automobile manufacturing. They will also visit a thermal power plant and an electrical-appliance recycling center to observe the technologies used in energy conservation.

Not a day too early. Good to see that Japan and China can agree that a healthy environment is a shared concern, and that cooperation is the only way forward.


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