Overuse of antibiotics in Korean farms

The Korea Times describes the overuse of antibiotics in Korea, with some compelling data. Last year, a NGO called The People's Solidarity for Participatory Democracy released a report on the antibiotics abuse in Korean farms and fisheries, based on data from the National Veterinary Research and Quarantine Service in 2001-2004:

According to the report, the livestock and fishery industries used 1,500 tons of antibiotics per year during the period, about 16 times more than the 94 tons used in Denmark, which produces 1.2 times more livestock product than Korea. It also showed 54 percent of the antibiotics were mixed with feed, while 40 percent were given on the grower's own decision, while 6 percent were give under veterinarian prescriptions.

However, what is worse than the use of antibiotics is that farmers and ranchers do not follow the rules about when to stop giving their ivestock antibiotics.


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