Candle-Night June 17-21 2006

Candle-Night is a grassroot campaign here in Tokyo that I really like. This weekend it is time again. Let's turn off some electric lights and enjoy:

Candle Night Summer Solstice 2006. Turn out your lights for two hours on the Summer solstice, June 21st, eight to ten p.m. Do something special-Read a book with your child by candlelight. Enjoy a quiet dinner with a special person.

This night can mean many things for many people. A time to save energy, to think about peace, to think about people in distant lands who share your planet. Pulling the plug open the window to a new world. Awakens as to human freedom and diversity.

It is a process, finding a larger possibility of the human civilization. By turning off lights for only two hours, we will be all loosely connected. Let's make a "wave of darkness" spread over the globe together.

Also, a nationwide "Lights Down" and CO2 reduction campaign by Japan's Ministry of the Environment, nicknamed "Black Illumination 2006," will be held on July 18. About 38,000 facilities, including major landmarks such as the Tokyo Tower, Tokyo's Rainbow Bridge, and business facilities, including shops of major convenience store chains, will participate in the campaign.

And, then the time is always right for Midnight Blue by Electric Light Orchestra. Have a nice weekend.


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