Cool Biz update

With summer temperatures now rising - and rising again - fans and air conditioners are spinning. Cool Biz is a campaign to at least make people aware of the effects, and now it seems attitudes to clothing are beginning to change:

Nowadays, if you pop into the menswear section of the Takashimaya department store near Tokyo Station, you will find, beneath a Cool Biz logo, shirts made with Japanese textile company Tomiya Apparel's high-tech NanoProof fabric, touted as being porous and quick-drying for the sticky summer days to come. At the rival Mitsukoshi store down the street, mannequins decked out in Armani, Burberry, Corneliani and the like reflect the zeitgeist by all appearing shamelessly un-necktied.

"This year, retailers have taken enormous initiatives even without government prodding," said Environment Ministry official Masataka Kiyotake.

But the ministry doesn't stop at retailers. To help businesses encourage their staff and others, including visiting salesmen wary of appearing rude, to change their ways, it provides them with posters reading, "Please come in Cool Biz style."

(From The Japan Times)


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