A green standard for the FIFA World Cup

The World Cup 2006 Football Championships will start in a few hours, and I'm getting ready to see Germany-Costa Rica at my favourite pub in Yono. And Treehugger reports that it will set a new standard in green:

On Friday, 26 May, German Football great Franz Beckenbauer joined in at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin to help further promote awareness of the environmental initiative behind the scenes of the 2006 World Cup. Among the many aspects of the Green Goal program, FIFA world cup tickets double as fare tickets for the public transit system--which goes hand-in-hand with the "Berlin Steigt Um" campaign here in Berlin (roughly translated "Berlin changes mode of transport").

FIFA and the Organizing Committee (OC) have also put a lot of effort into the Green Goal campaign:

"A comprehensive and ambitious programme such as Green Goal would never have been possible without the dedication and commitment of our partners from the world of business," the OC President declared. In early 2002, the OC commissioned the Öko-Institut, in partnership with the Federal Environment Ministry, to develop the Green Goal concept for the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

A central aim was achieved in March 2006 with successful investment totalling €1.2 million to neutralise the 100,000 tonnes of incremental greenhouse gas emissions generated by the tournament, which thus becomes the first-ever "climate neutral" FIFA World Cup finals.


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