Funkist - Ai No Uta

I was really impressed by Funkist today this afternoon at the Hibiya Park Soil & Peace Festival event that was not cancelled in spite of the 27th typhoon hitting Tokyo: lots of rain as the band played on to a happy crowd.

Here is a slow acoustic version of Ai No Uta (Love Song) from back when flutist Yoko Kasugai was still with the band. RIP. (J) has more

And here is a fun amateur video (but pls pls pls don't zoom so much back and forth!!) from the 2009 Hibiya Soil & Peace event. Nice version of their hit Shiroi Sekai (White World).

And here is a short clip from the 2008 event - note how vocalist Souya Saigo quips that the event uses no nuclear power, all renewables, 3 years before you-know-what happened.


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