Yet Another Big Typhoon...

...over Tokyo, likely to affect Chiba, Ibaraki, Miyagi and Fukushima as well. It should get extremely bad in the morning of Wednesday Oct. 16 from 6am so don't expect trains to be running.

If you worry, get a delay certificate * paper slip at your station and show your boss. Since 2012, you can also do it digitally from your mobile phone/iPhone/web. Even better: Stay home, stay safe. Might be over by noon.

I kind of like how the heavy rain pounds my roof as I get to sleep. Nature is powerful, we had better remember it. We are one with this planet if we let go of some of our fears.

This is one big one, the "largest in 10 years" or so we are told.

Here are some safety precaution measures suggested by ANN:

Image of delay slips from odcanime, who had JR trouble when studying design back in Osaka.

電車遅延証明書 densha chien shoumei sho


Martin J Frid said…
Later tonight, NHK World says "Bracing for the storm, Tokyo and six other prefectures in Kanto have decided to close a total of 3,650 elementary and junior high schools on Wednesday."
Pandabonium said…
We were glad that K didn't have to teach at the Jr. High today. A sensible decision. Flooded roads, debris everywhere. Tired eyes from a restless night listening to the howling winds and pounding rain. Power outages.

Rest and clean up today. Life goes on, despite the odds.
Tom O said…
The legendary - one tends to think its an urban myth but I found out, in the last week of living in Japan for four years back then, that it amazingly true! AND, it happened two days in row! They DO check that you have been delayed (here in London they would take it for granted as done) and thus issue the said 'Get Out of Jail' card and the look on the Japanese' staff's faces at the sight of this rarity. So, I walk in late the next day too - I didn't really HAVE to care as my last week - and when I produced another.... As the saying goes, "Yabba dabba dooo!!!"

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