NHK: Placido Domingo Sings In Japanese

...and he also encourages Japanese people and all of us to overcome hardships resulting from the 2011 disaster with strong will and a belief in human bonds.
Domingo is in Japan for his performances to commemorate 400 years of exchanges between the countries. The first Japanese mission left for Spain in 1613. In an interview with NHK on Thursday, the tenor singer said Japan is always on his mind. He said family bonds, and a sense of solidarity felt after the disaster, will help Japanese people tackle their challenges. He said he wants people to go forward with strong will. Domingo performed in Japan one month after the earthquake and the nuclear accident, when many other events featuring overseas artists were being canceled. Oct. 10, 2013
Now, here is a tune I like a lot, I did feature it before on Kurashi.

Shirazu shirazu, aruite kita
Hosoku nagai kono michi
Furikaereba haruka toku furusato ga mieru
Dekoboko michi ya magarikunetta michi chizu sae nai, sore mo mata jinsei


Kawa no nagare no yoni yuruyaka ni ikutsu mo jidai wa sugite
Aa kawa no nagare no yoni tomedo naku
Sora ga tasogare ni somaru dake Ikiru koto wa tabisuru koto owari no nai kono michi
Aisuru hito soba ni tsurete yume sagashi nagara
Ame ni furarete nukarunda michi demo itsuka wa mata hareru hi ga kuru kara
Aa kawa no nagare no yoni odayaka ni kono mi wo makasete itai
Aa kawa no nagare no yoni utsuri yuku
Kisetsu yukidoke o machi nagara
Aa kawa no nagare no yoni odayaka ni kono mi o makasete itai
Aa kawa no nagare no yoni itsumade mo
Aoi seseragi o kikinagara

English translation:

Without knowing it, without knowing it, I have walked here
This long and narrow road
Looking back, long distance away I can see my hometown
On the uneven and winding road
There is no map to follow.
Again, life is the same way.


Like the river flowing leisurely, Time passes through the ages
Like the river flowing endlessly, The sky is tinted (red) by the sunset
Life is a journey on an endless road with my love beside me
I search for dreams
Even this muddy road in the rain
Will some day see a sunny day
Like the river flowing leisurely, I entrust myself gently to the flow of nature
Just like the changing flow of the river
Awaiting the season to change and the snow to melt
 Like the river flowing leisurely, I entrust myself gently to the flow of nature
Like the river flowing eternally, while listening to the sound of blue stream


Pandabonium said…
I never could understand him... ;)

Seriously, very cool.
Martin J Frid said…
... with a lot of passion for the tune and the lyrics, he wouldn't be able to sing it like that unless he felt strongly for it.

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