Scandinavian Boom

My local bookshop surprised me with this great collection of titles about Scandinavian design, food, and culture. I like the way they promote our environmentally- friendly "slow" way of life, with more family time and less pressure. On display are books in Japanese about everything from IKEA to "Scandinavia: The Coffee Shop Heaven".

The sign in the middle could have been designed with more flair, but I like the message: Now is the Scandinavian Boom.

I should also recommend my friends Peo & Satoko Ekberg's book (in Japanese) about recycling, called Uchi Eco Nyuumon (Introduction to an Ecological Home).

Nice interview with them in The Japan Times: Pair share eco-friendly role model goals


Pandabonium said…
What an inspiring couple. :)
Ian said…
Yay, Scandinavian products are the next craze. Goodbye Billy's boot camp, oshirikajirimushi and Chihuahuas!

I bet IKEA will be packed with customers for the next 2-3 months, or until a new craze comes along.

Good Reporting Martin!

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