AFP: Japan Wants To Reduce Whaling

This could potentially be a good solution to a very acrimonious debate:

Japan will propose scaling down its troubled annual whale hunt in Antarctica on condition it is allowed to whale commercially in its own coastal waters... Tokyo will present its proposal to the International Whaling Commission (IWC) at its annual meeting in Morocco in June.

"We have been studying ways to reach a packaged agreement and to normalise the IWC activities," said the Fisheries Agency official, who declined to provide specific details of Tokyo's proposal. "The efforts continue today."

AFP: Japan wants deal to scale down 'scientific' whaling


Tom O said…
For 'scientific purposes' still, no doubt. Now, maybe its me, but isn't a minke whale off the coast of Antartica the same as off the Japan's coastal waters?

Btw, a whaling conference in... Morocco?? Know it has a coast etc but maybe its just a nice warm place to have one!
Pandabonium said…
Thank you Paul Watson for forcing Japan to rethink its whale "research" in the antarctic. without his widely criticized activism I don't think the whalers would have had the economic incentive to back off. When the Earth is dying, who are the "pirates"? who are the "terrorists"? Those who do the overfishing, clubbing of seal pups, clear cutting of forests, hunting of endangered species in places like the Galapagos? Or those who literally stand in their way? I accuse the former.

Now we have the spectacle of bluefin tuna overfishing with Japan standing against a moratorium because it would limit supply. WTF? Where will the supply be when the fish are gone forever? Duh!
Tom O said…
I guess they will cross the bridge of 'extinction' when they come to it. Scratching their heads no doubt.

I used to go to anti-seal clubbing demos when I was a lad in London. In Trafalgar Square on one side of which was/is the Canadian Embassy. On the other side to it was/is the South African Embassy which once upon a time had daily demos against the regime there. Mandela made his 'long walk to freedom' 20 years ago. Three months after the Wall came down, an amazing time - all watched from Tokyo.

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