Cocco - Live Earth 2007 Concert, For The Dugong In Okinawa

Do watch this video. It starts with the news report from Okinawa, that a pair of dugong have been filmed in June 2007, a rare event. "They came back," Cocco says, with joy.

A rare event.

Then, do listen to her - Cocco, a singer born in Okinawa.

Cocco English website

Her speech at the Makuhari Messe, event (part of the global Live Earth concert) is so moving. She cannot hold back her tears. Can you?

For Jean and Ten Thousand Things

Please take the time out of your busy schedule - listen to Cocco's song.

389 965 views on Youtube.
I'm a woman from Okinawa, Japan, so let me tell you a bit about story of Okinawa.
The sea of Okinawa, it still looks beautiful.
The sea overlooked from the hill called "the hill of Dugong" named by people
who never saw the dugongs,
still looks very beautiful...
The hill of Dugongs 「ジュゴンの見える丘」 Dugong no mieru oka


Pandabonium said…
Martin said "She cannot hold back her tears. Can you?"

Barbro Kalla said…
My heart bleeds for Okinawa. I wanted to stay to demonstrate, together with all people fighting against this madness when I was there in 2005.

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