Tokunoshima Island - Shima No Uta

Beautiful slideshow from Tokunoshima Island with music by Rimi Natsukawa: Shima No Uta (Island Song). This is a small island in the south part of Kagoshima prefecture, as near to Okinawa as you can get. Calling this a "relocation" from Okinawa is a joke. A rude, cruel joke. Contrast that with the amazing scenery, the lovely sea, the beaches and the wildlife and biodiversity - and the people. This is another island in Asia that does not need US military helicopters or Marines.

Asahi: Tokunoshima eyed for U.S. helicopters

More than 4,000 people attended a rally on Tokunoshima island in Kagoshima Prefecture on Sunday to protest its possible use as a relocation site for some of the functions of the U.S. Marine Corps Air Station Futenma in Ginowan, Okinawa Prefecture.

Sources said Tokunoshima was mentioned by Foreign Minister Katsuya Okada and Defense Minister Toshimi Kitazawa in their respective discussions Friday with U.S. and Okinawa prefectural government officials in which the central government's proposal was explained.

Tokunoshima has been mentioned as a possible site for helicopter training exercises as a way of lessening the U.S. military burden on Okinawa Prefecture.

Come on, someone please tell Pentagon it just is not going to happen.

Lovely version by Chinese star A-Mei, and I like this anti-war version by Miyazawa Kazufumi live in Brazil too - from 3:30, before that he reads the lyrics in Spanish. A huge hit. English lyrics in this video with The Boom. Alfredo Casero has the follwing lyrics:

The deigo flower has blossomed, and it has called the wind, and the storm has arrived.
The deigo flowers are in full bloom, and they have called the wind, and the storm has come.
The repetition of sadness, like the waves that cross the islands.
I met you in the Uji forest.
In the Uji forest I bid farewell to Chiyo.

Island Song, ride the wind, with the birds, cross the sea.
Island song, ride the wind, carry my tears with you.

The deigo blossoms have fallen, soft ocean waves tremble.
Fleeting joy, like flowers carried by the waves.
To my friend who sang in the Uji forest.
Beneath the the Uji, bid farewell to Yachiyo.

Island song, ride the wind, with the birds, cross the sea.
Island song, ride the wind, carry my love with you.

To the sea, to the universe, to God, to life, carry on this eternal dusk wind.

Island Song, ride the wind, with the birds, cross the sea.
Island song, ride the wind, carry my love with you.


Brad Farless said…
I spent 8 years in the United States Army. I can tell you now that no matter what restrictions are placed on personnel, and no matter how well intentioned the troops are, they will destroy that island paradise. Again, not out of intent to cause harm, but out of excessive use and a general inability of soldiers to truly connect with, appreciate, and respect native cultures. I pity the people that live on that island if this goes through.

Seriously. The US military is already affecting one area of the country. Why spread that taint over another part of the country unnecessarily? It's not going to ease a burden. It's just going to spoil more of Japan.
Martin J Frid said…
Thanks Brad for the comment, much appreciated. You have a unique perspective and I hope people will visit your blogs as well.

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