Cleaning AC Muck

We interrupt our regular* programming here at Kurashi for this public announcement:

Time to clean your air conditioner filters!

I just did, and it was easy. I'm not sure I will need the AC or not this summer, but getting the muck out of the filter is important. Both for my own health, as I don't want to breathe the air that has passed through the grime, but also to save electricity. At least I imagine that it will save electricity, since it will be easier to blow the air through a clean filter.

First picture, I opened the top and took out the filter on the right. The left filter is still dirty.

Second picture, wash the filter to get rid of the black thick mucky grime (do not flush it down the drain, better to dry it and throw it in the garbage).

Third picture, enjoy the difference!

* It is the thought that counts, right?


Pandabonium said…
There is such an AC in the house we rent. We don't use it. Period. When it is hot, we're hot. But we don't use energy to get cool.
sunglowinc said…
The Air Conditioning coil as well as the filter, which are essentially the most important part of your unit.These parts need regular cleaning so that the working of the air conditioner will not suffer any deflection.
These tips are so helping as our HVAC system surely affected by environment. The humidity is a main role in air conditioner working. These tips would surely workout for us. High Efficiency Furnace

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