Japan Merry Project In London

Merry is a Japanese project that involves big smiles from Japan. It has expanded to support local merry farming efforts, and merry music, and anything that makes people happy.

Now, they made a scoop in London as the Olympics are about to begin: Merry London

It has nothing to do with sports, just simple umbrellas that show photos from the Tohoku region north of Tokyo, of smiling children. All good. An attempt to deal with all the bad news, the bad rumours, well, all the good will prevail! Kids are strong and hey, stop the madness!

Designer Paul Smith is a Merry Project fan.

They also get involved in projects to clean up litter and garbage in places like Shibuya, Tokyo (J).

Merry Archives has a huge archive of photographs of people's smiles and their handwritten messages of their responses for a simple question: "What's 'merry' for you?"

You can search and browse the smiles and messages, by time and place, out of more than 20,000 of those from 23 countries of the world. 

Merry Archives will be growing bigger and merrier! Please keep your eyes on Archives News for updates!


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