Okinawa Tune In English: See You Tomorrow By Nayuta

「see you tomorrow」作詞作曲 Nayuta

From the 2010 film that has received almost zero notice, although it looks like it should be rather good. Nirai no oka (にライの丘) or A Song of Gondola nice tune by Nayuta.

Literally, the Japanese title means "Bitter Height" which I think may have been a better English title. It was shown at the Okinawa International Movie Festival in March, 2010, and introduced as such.

For all the talk about J-pop or K-pop and bands that show a lot of leg and what not, here is a young lady with integrity and a huge amount of talent.

Do check her music out!

Here is her live performance of a sweet melody, Happy Daddy and Mommy:


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