Toward A Wide World

Japanese music, a lot of tunes that always seem to strike a chord. Here is one, that you may not have heard, unless you live in these parts of the wood.

Toward A Wide Word, a tune that many junior high schools have performed, and now, Maestro Ozawa conducted the Kawazaki elementary school...

Hiroi Sekai e-

Japan Times -- Feb 28
Conductor Seiji Ozawa performed Wednesday in public for the first time since ill health forced him to suspend his musical activities last March, conducting a choir of 340 elementary school pupils in Kawasaki.
The 77-year-old maestro conducted the singing of a song titled "Hiroi Sekai e" ("Toward a Wide World") by fifth- and sixth-graders at Minami-Ikuta Elementary School. The song will be sung at a graduation ceremony for the sixth-graders next month.


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