Charity concert: Free The Children Japan

Child labour is rampant in many parts of Asia, made worse by foreign multinational corporations that buy their goods at minimum prices through shady middlemen, thus avoiding responsibilities that they would legally be bound to follow in Japan, Europe, or the U.S.

Tonight a charity concert will be held in Tokyo on behalf of Free The Children Japan to support the children in underprivileged communities in Mumbai, India. Moreover, the funds raised from this concert will be also used for the support of children who were victims of the tsunami that struck Sri Lanka on December 26th, 2004.

■Date:February 9th (Thu.), 2006 Doors open at 18:30 / Show starts at 19:00
■Place:Canadian Embassy B2 Theatre (Aoyama-Itchome Station, 3 minutes walking from the exit 4)
■Artists:You will have the pleasure of enjoying the performances of Maya Fraser, Stacy Powell, Miyuki Onitake, Raj Ramayya from The Beautiful Losers, Geila & The Voissalot Choir, Steve Bartel, Jamie Anderegg, Aoki Shinichi, Hectopascal+(FTCJ Yokkaichi)as well as many other surprises!

Free The Children Japan(FTCJ) is an international organization dedicated to ending the exploitation of children.


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