More Olympic golds all around

South Korea dominated the last day of short-track speed skating events at the Turin Winter Olympics on Saturday by winning two golds and one bronze medal in three disciplines. South Korean athletes picked up a total of six golds, three silvers and one bronze in the eight short track events. China has 2 gold medals and Japan one.

Sweden also has six gold medals, our best Winter Olympics ever. Tonight the Swedish icehockey team meets Finland in the thriller final, so we could win one more gold...

Medals Table Sat Feb 25

Gold Silver Bronze

1. Germany 11 12 6
2. United States 9 9 7
3. Austria 9 7 6
4. Russia 8 5 8
5. Canada 7 10 7
6. South Korea 6 3 2
7. Sweden 6 2 5
8. Switzerland 5 4 5
9. Italy 4 0 6
10. France 3 2 4

The Yonhap photos show Ahn Hyun-soo and Jin Sun-yu, two of South Korea's fantastic speed skaters, who took one gold medal each on Saturday night. Both of them took a total of three golds in Turin. "I'd like to say thanks to all my teammates and coaches who taught, assisted and cheered me all the way," the 17-year-old Jin Sun-yu said. "I'm so happy to become the first Korean to win three gold medals. I now want to do nothing else but take rest for the time being."


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