Peace Boat activities

Eight Peace Boat Centers in Japan are open to volunteers who wish to assist with preparations for upcoming voyages and contribute to the Japan-based programmes. If you are living in Japan and would like to get involved in Peace Boat activities please contact them.

Peace Boat`s 53rd Voyage for Peace, departing April 5 2006, will travel through Asia and the Indian Ocean before cruising to The Mediterranean and Europe through the Suez Canal, and returning to Tokyo on July 16th via Jamaica, El Salvador and Alaska.

Join a Peace Boat voyage and experience life onboard as a participant. As a non-profit organization, your participation in their voyages contributes to the development of Peace Boat activities for the promotion of peace, global justice and sustainable development.

Peace Boat's work is carried out in partnership with individual or institutional partners. Specialists in the field of peace, human rights, the environment and sustainable development, as well as individuals working at the heart of the issues Peace Boat addresses are invited onboard as guest educators. In port, Peace Boat organises its activities in partnership with a wide range of institutions, including NGOs, civil society groups, student groups and volunteer organisations.

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