3000 people die from asthma in Japan annually

Japan Offspring Fund is critical of Japan Medical Association, for its sloppy advice to people with asthma and allergy:

The exhaust air from many vacuum cleaners can be dirty and cause respiratory problems, including asthma and allergies. Some types of filters, such as water filters, are not effective at all, and in our tests they actually made the air dirty. Japan Medical Association has recommended two such vacuum cleaners on their website. This is a serious problem, since it may lead many medical doctors to recommend bad vacuum cleaners to patients that suffer from asthma and allergies. Japan Medical Association should correct the information.

Annually in Japan , around 3000 people die from asthma attacks. Since dirty exhaust air from vacuum cleaners is one of the known causes of asthma, this is an area where it is possible to avoid many deaths and suffering.

Until around 10 years ago, the number of deaths due to asthma attacks was around 5000-7000 annually. It is said that due to new drugs, such as steroids administered with inhalators, it has decreased to around 3000. There is much advice on the Internet for people suffering from asthma, but only a minority of doctors who give advice are emphasize removing the real cause of the suffering.

More informations about the health effects connected with vacuum cleaners here


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