Washington Post on IKEA in China

Washington Post explains how Swedish furniture store IKEA and manager Ian Duffy is making inroads in China:

By stocking Ikea's Chinese shops increasingly with China-made products, Duffy pushed prices on some items as low as 70 percent below prices in Ikea outlets elsewhere. An armchair from Ikea's popular Ektorp range retails for $112 in China, 67 percent less than one sold in the United States.

The gamble seems to have worked. Ikea -- whose name in Chinese, "Yi Jia," means "comfortable home," -- is anything but comfortable on weekends, as thousands of Chinese crowd in to look and to outfit their homes and apartments. Weekend throngs at Ikea's three stores in China -- in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou -- are so big, with more than 20,000 visitors each on any weekend day, that employees use bullhorns for crowd control.

Next month, Ikea will open a 452,100-square-foot store in Beijing, second in size only to its flagship store in Stockholm. At the store, which Ikea furnished with extra-wide aisles to handle the expected crowds, the Swedish company expects to sell enough furniture every year to fill about 5,000 40-foot containers -- double what it sells in other stores.

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What Washington Post unfortunately ignores is that IKEA is rather unique among foreign retailers in China, according to China Review, the magazine published by the Great Britain-China Center:

IKEA has imported its labour and environmental standards to China in their entirety. The company’s “one size fits all” model rests on a belief that its universal values of environmental and social responsibility must be just that: universal. To achieve this, however, it admits it has forfeited the speedier commercial growth that others, such as Carrefour, B&Q and Wal-Mart enjoy in China. Nonetheless, it is living proof that a company can make money in China (albeit less of it, and more slowly) whilst remaining true to its global ethical standards.


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