Japanese in demand in St. Petersburg, Russia

Russia continues to develop in its own way, always a center of impressive culture and mystery for everyone else... The St. Petersburg Times has the story of how foreign languages, including Japanese, are increasingly in demand:

As St. Petersburg continues to attract foreign companies, so foreign-language speakers are increasingly in demand. Recruiters point out that now “fluent English” is often a must not only for administrative positions, such as interpreters, translators, secretaries, personal assistants or office managers but, also for different technical specialists, engineers and accountants.

The majority of job descriptions now include foreign language requirements that split Russian society into two parts: people who have a command of foreign languages and those who don’t.

“Now a candidate’s linguistic competence indicates the level of their development in general, their education and professional competence,” said Irina Yakovleva, head of careers at Stockholm School of Economics. According to the recruiters the language clearly most in demand is English, followed by German, then Finnish, French, Italian, Spanish, Sweden, Turkish, Serbian, Chinese, and Japanese.


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