Lee vs Spears: The Swedish connection

Swedish songwriters Bloodshy & Avant, together with Henrik Jonback, who wrote a hit song for Britney Spears are angry because Korean singer Lee Hyo-lee's new song "Get ya" was significantly influenced by their own work and it seems there are parts that are just plain plagiarism. The artist herself denies anything other than temporary precedence of one work over the other, saying, “It’s just that Britney Spears did this funky style of music before me,” and insisted “Get Ya” was different in vocals, rhythm and tune.

I know you are all dying to compare, so in the name of public service I give you the link to both songs, click to listen to Lee vs Spears!

Swedish songwriters, just like bands (do I need to mention ABBA, Ace of Base, Roxette...) are really doing well in this part of Asia.

BoA, the great Korean singer who is incredibly popular in Japan, recently went straight to the top in the Japanese Singles' Chart with the song "Quincy", written by Swedish song writers Samuel Waermö, Marcus Dernulf, Jan Lysdahl and Harry Sommerdahl.

Fredrik Hult, Ola Larsson och Jonas Engstrand wrote a song for Japanese band News, produced by Johnny's Entertainment. The song is also OST for the movie "One Piece". The OTHER song on their single is written by Swedish Stefan Åberg and it is called "Cinderella Boy". The huge hit "Seishun Amigo" released by Shuji to Akira was written by Hult/Larsson/Engstrand sold an amazing 1.5 million singles and 1.8 million ringtones for mobile phons in Japan. Fredrik Hult and Ola Larsson had another big hit in Japan a few years ago with "Hakka Candy", recorded by the Japanese band Kinki Kids.

(Photo and quotes from Chosun Ilbo and The Swedish Music Publishers Association)


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