Banned U.S. beef in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has not received any response from U.S. agricultural authorities regarding the discovery of beef products from a U.S. plant containing banned bones, according to Kyodo.

Hong Kong's Food and Environmental Hygiene Department banned beef imports from Swift Beef Co., a processing plant in Colorado, after bones were found in a shipment on Friday. "Beef imports from only one company were suspended," a department spokesman clarified Monday. "We are contacting the relevant U.S. authorities for more information concerning the beef imports in question."

The same thing happened in Japan in January, and the U.S. claimed it was an isolated event. The nerve cells near the bones and spinal material are considered high risk material that can cause BSE, or mad cow disease. Consumers were outraged and Japan immediately banned U.S. beef again. This is getting interesting!

Update: Yonhap reports that South Korea may delay the resumption of American beef imports following the recent confirmation of a case of mad cow disease in the United States, a government official said Tuesday.


mirai said…
I think Japan is more serious about hygiene than the US~ maybe very serious about what to eat.

I hope that the US find there will be no problem with the US beef for Japan to export.
Junpei64 said…
Hong Kong people don't pay any attention to the US beef.
I am Japanese living in Hong Kong.
I don't care buying US beef in the market. US beef is the best except Japanese beef (too expensive to buy).
I really miss Wagyu.

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