Stella Polaris

The future of the beautiful ship Stella Polaris, built 1927 in Gothenburg, is in doubt. Known for its luxurious round-the-world voyages, it was sold to a Japanese company and turned into a restaurant in 1969, at Numazu on the Izu Peninsula near Mt Fuji. Locals cherish the restaurant, Scandinavia, and one Japanese blogger writes that she felt the ship reminded her of Titanic. A non-profit organization has been set up to keep the ship in Japan, and they have a blog about their struggles. Do make a comment. I'm so impressed that they managed to collect 16,000 signatures to keep Stella Polaris in Japan! The Great Ocean Liners has more information about Stella Polaris.


kuro said…
Dear Martin Frid

I wish to express our gratitude for your comment.
We have a lot of photos of a beautiful ship.
I am lazy. Could you give me a few more minutes?

Our nonprofit organization buys this ship. The capital for that is necessary for 100
million yen.
This ship is a worldwide cultural heritage.
Please I would like you in the world to participate in this activity.

I hope for your participation.

European Maritime Heritage


Please tell our activity to this group.
Please translate Japanese into English.

To preserve the ship, we buy it. I want the purchase capital for that.

Please act with us.

I am a chairman of the meeting that preserves Scandinavia.


Atsuo Otaguro
Martin J Frid said…
Dear Mr. Otaguro,

Thank you for making a comment.

I will try to assist your NPO in this endeavour. I will write to your email address, that I found on your blog.


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