Akihabara Rice: Licolita And The Maids

My friend Sanada-san has done it again. He keeps coming up with great ideas for the unique Licolita-style activism of Akihabara, Tokyo.

Remember when they went to a shrine and blessed a bicycle (because it is so eco) and way back, they did the uchimizu actions to show that you could lower the unbearable heat in summer by throwing water on the pavement by at least 1 degree C. Uchimizukko! So what's new?!

Photos from Akiba kome!

In September, their music event was a big success. Moreover, this fall, they are harvesting rice made in Akihabara. Yup. Roof-top farming in Tokyo's electronic town. They say they need help to do the treshing, and rice cleaning. Who wouldn't want to volunteer?

Can you imagine a better brand? If you participate, you can share the special omelette-rice オムライス (omuraisu).

They have blogged about typhoons and got featured in Japan's major agriculture newspaper. Sanada-san praises the Akihabara maids who made it possible. They note that this helped them “feel the severity of farming” as their harvest was not huge. Maids working as staff at cafes like Misty Heaven, Schatz-kiste and Jam took part.

Deeply caring about global warming, the Licolita group is inviting aspiring manga artists to contribute characters to help everyone deal with the challenges that we all face on planet earth. Only in Tokyo, Japan.

More details and links over at greenz.jp


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