Event: International Film Festival on Organic Farming

Great chance to see films about organic farming this weekend in Tokyo:

The life I value most

We are happy and grateful to announce that your support has made it possible to hold the 3rd IFOF. The last two years' IFOF have been accepted and welcomed with high regard by both old and young.

Members of Steering Committee have also found the depth and the scope organic agriculture has and are deeply impressed by its implication that organic agriculture is not just how-to of farming but is a wholistic concept which enfolds how we should grasp the nature, how we are to live with forest, water, soil and all the creatures that live on our planet.

We have focused our effort on these vast and deep aspects of organic agriculture to be expressed in the program of the IFOF 2009.

During the last two decades, the earth and our lives underwent decay and segmentation by an idea and system that is all too simple and cold, the winner or the loser in a competitive world of economy.

Under the pressure of this modern competitive world, we are trying to rediscover and redo our relationship with nature and also to re-establish relationship among us humans.

We would be gratified if everyone of our friends would come to IFOF 2009 and find in the selected films such possibilities organic agriculture have.

We have also provided a chance to participate in the film festival for those who wish to express views on nature, farming and food with 3 minutes video works.

Please drop in at the film festival and feel and enjoy the organic world.

 August 2009
 Executive Chief OHNO Kazuoki

International Film Festival on Organic Farming (English)

国際有機農業映画祭 (日本語)

Date: November 27 (Fri) & 28 (Sat), 2009
Place: Large Hall, Arts Building in National Olympics Memorial Youth Center, Tokyo, Japan
Nov. 27 (Fri)  12:00-20:00 (Open at 11:30 )
Nov. 28 (Sat)  9:30-21:00 (Open at 9:10 )
Nov. 27 (Fri)     ¥1500.00
Nov. 28 (Sat)     ¥2000.00
2 days ticket ¥3000.00
Hosted by:
International Film Festival on Organic Farming Executive Committee/
Tokyo Peace Film Club
Japan Organic Agriculture Association/
Pacific Asia Resource Centre(PARC)

Special Event 1: 28 (Sat) 14:20 – 15:30
Special talk on "What is on Asian Villages now"
There are 3 films depicting Asian farmers' fight against globalization. Two among them were from Laos by chance. Visiting students of Organic Agriculture at Asian Rural Institute (ARI) situated at Nasu-Shiobara shi, Tochigi, Mr.Houmphan from Laos and Ms.Polkhayan from Thai will talk on the backgrounds and situations in Laos and Northeast Thai.

Special Event 2: 27 (Fri) 19:30 – 20:00
New farmers talk: "The life I value most"
With a special reference to the film "A Farm with Future Vision", we will have 3 new organic farmers to talk about their view on life they value most. There will be a casual talk after their presentation.

Special Event 3: 27 (Fri) 16:00 – 16:50
3 min. video show: "My view of food and farming"
This gives chance to go one step forward from "just watch" to "make and show"for you. It is our wish that more people will take part in IFOF thru making videos and films for 3min. video show. Your entry of 3 min. video on food and farming is most welcome.


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