Exodus, Passports, Veggies

This time of year, a lot of people have a brief opportunity to go abroad, and this year, the holiday is a little longer than usual. Exodus, indeed.

This year, many people are taking advantage of an extended nine-day break. The last day of business for most companies is Friday. Next week, Jan 1-3 are national holidays and many companies have given employees Friday Jan 4 off as well, adding up to a nine-day holiday.

I just talked to my uncle Sven, 82 years old, who is healthier than most, he is on a LCHF diet to avoid trouble. Did I mention, avoid meat?

Which reminded me of this classic movie clip, the Marx Brothers from Monkey Business. Do keep your passports with you, at all times.

Glad to know that my family is healthy. And, always that sense of humour. Here is a clip that Panadabonium sent, boy, I am so lucky to have friends that care.

Do watch at least twice, and why not send it along to someone you care about.


Jonathan's Farm said…
Hi Martin,
I've been reading some of your articles and you seem very well connected to the farming community in Japan. I'm a small organic farmer in Canada and am coming to Japan in February and am hoping to connect with some farmers and see what I can learn. Would you be able to point me in the right direction or help me make some connections? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for your time
Martin J Frid said…
Thanks JF, my email address is under "Vie my complete profile" why don't you send me a mail with a little more details, and I think I can help.
Pandabonium said…
LCHF - good luck with that. Oy!

The Marx Brothers clip is great - especially in these days of America's TSA goons. Maurice Chevalier - how many remember his wonderful crooning today? "Ah yes, I remember it well."

(if you knno't know that line, use "the Google"...

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