Sony In Trouble? Face-Palm

If you have read the news, you know that just about all of Japan's high-tech companies are in some kinds of trouble or another, going down the financial gutter. Well, I happen to have a Sony Vaio PC, which works fine, most of the time, and if it doesn't, I turn it off and voila, it works fine again.

However... I went out to buy a simple DVD that I thought would do the trick, to store some data and photos from 2012, from Sony. A DVD-RW to be precise.

Did not work. In spite of its touted 4.38 GB of memory, I was not able to "format" it on my Sony PC. How very strange. And you wonder why these companies are having trouble. Of course, consumers are not stupid. Like not using cassette tapes and LPs anymore, people have had enough of trouble with their old Sony/Windows/Whatever troubles. Too bad. We liked you, once upon a time. Ages ago. Walkman, ages ago.

So let me just get this straight. Sony sells Vaio personal computers, using Windows and INTEL and whatever, and their own DVD-RW will not work. From the same company. Face-palm.

Probably, I am the stupid one, who does not know which DVD to buy.

So, Sony, cheers, tonight you made me feel stupid.


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