Kiritanpo From Akita

Wow, lots of snow in Tokyo, I was rather concerned. Made it into central Tokyo, and the Yamanote Line had delays after delays. No worries, I got from A to B to C, and arrived safely at Uguisudani.

We had a plan to celebrate the new years, and the privilege to have a special dish from Akita prefecture, kiritanpo, so I was not going to let a little snow delay my Monday. Lots of rice dumplings, served in a special nabe way.

Kiritanpo is one of many local Akita dishes, with certain rules.

We added veggies, and for Ver. 2 my cabbage was included: This winter, I have been growing hakusai, mizuna and cabbage. So, I do get some instant street cred at slick city parties like this... Yo, bro! Etc. etc.


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