Lisa Hammond - Potter

Lisa Hammond is one of a small group of Britain's leading potters, renowned for her expression of the notoriously difficult Japanese 'shino' glaze.

As she throws and fires an exhibition of three years of her best work at Goldmark Gallery in Uppingham, Rutland, she explains her fascination with Japanese pots...

Lisa Hammond talks about Ken Matsuzki's exhibition opening at the Goldmark Gallery 2011.

This documentary follows top UK studio potter Lisa Hammond as she prepares for her 2012 Goldmark exhibition.

Delving into her artistic practice, it provides an insight in to the various stages that go into making her distinctive pieces. We see Lisa at her wheel throwing chawans (teabowls) and a large tsubo jar; firing and unpacking her kiln; and talking about her influences over the years, in particular her love of the Japanese pot making tradition. Also captured on camera is her technique of spraying the soda solution direct into the firebox over a period of three hours, creating the characteristically rich and varied surfaces of her pots.

Visit to see examples of Lisa's work


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