Tokyo Farmers Market Outing

If you want to go to a Farmers Market in Tokyo this Sunday, why not go with Joan, who blogs over at what was previously Popcorn Homestead, now Japan Farmers Markets, and writes about all kinds of farming adventures. She will guide you to Nippori Marche, a small market that she describes here:

This delightful market is tucked away in one of Tokyo's most historic areas and is, in my opinion, one of the hidden gems of marketdom in the city. A two-day monthly affair, the market offers a very nice selection of foodly items to eat there as well as take home. Atsuko Fujita, the market manager, carefully curates the vendors to make sure shoppers have excellent choices as well as ensuring various regions are well-represented...

October Tokyo Farmers Market Outing
Sunday, October 21st
10am - 1pm
Nippori Station - East exit
Meet at the bottom of the stairs of Nippori Station's East exit and we'll walk over to the market. Meet the market manager, the vendors, have a little snack (I recommend the manju.), and do a bit of shopping. We'll head off afterwards to historic Yanaka (same station, just up the hill) for a walk-about, perhaps some lunch, a visit to the Fuji Viewing Street, and general exploring. I may stay longer than the finish time, and folks will be welcome to join me if I do. I love this part of Tokyo!

Deadline to register: Saturday, October 20th. Space is limited to 10. If I get an overwhelming response, I'll set up a second outing.


Tom O said…
As you know I ONLY attend this market if the German Ambassador is in attendance... ;o)

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