NHK World: "Okinawa governor express anger over alleged assault"

It is difficult, no, impossible, to not speak up when news like this happens. The American military culture is at it again, with two servicemen "allegedly" raping a young woman in Okinawa. Anger does not quite capture the emotion, but ok, we can deal with that. With tensions so high already (Osprey deployment, Henoko relocation, Agent Orange in Okinawa, Mock nuclear bombings considered, Planned destruction of Yanbaru Forest/Takae, and the WW2 battles, just to quickly come up with a list of issues) is there no way to end this madness?

Top news today on NHK World:

Okinawa Governor Hirokazu Nakaima has expressed strong resentment over the alleged sexual assault of a woman by 2 US servicemen in Okinawa Prefecture, saying the incident is utterly senseless.

Nakaima made the comment in a meeting with Defense Minister Satoshi Morimoto in Tokyo on Wednesday.

He urged the minister to strongly demand that the United States cooperate with investigations of the incident and step up discipline among its servicemen.

Morimoto replied that he is also extremely angry about the incident. He said the government is gravely concerned, adding that such inhumane action cannot be tolerated.

Morimoto said he believes the US military has failed to take appropriate measures to prevent such incidents. He told Nakaima that he will ask the United States to take concrete steps to strengthen discipline.

Morimoto said the government will also urge the US to move swiftly to convene a meeting of the Japan-US joint committee of foreign and defense officials to discuss the incident and how to prevent a recurrence.

Oct. 17, 2012


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