Hatoyama In New York: Live Blogging From UN Climate Change Conference

Treehugger writer Matthew McDermott is in New York, live blogging from the United Nations Climate Change conference. Japan's new prime minister Yukio Hatoyama was on every news channel tonight, speaking in English, making the pledge: Japan will reduce CO2 emissions by 25%. My favourite website Grist.org has updates as well. Swedish prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, a conservative is also in New York (speaking for the EU).

UN Summit on Climate Change

Update: Hatoyama's speech (pdf)

UN Summit Programme here if you want to know what world leaders actually said at the UN meeting, rather than just reading brief quotes that media provides for you. I had no idea our world leaders still rely on fax machines to send their messages: check it out.

From Treehugger:

10:43 EDT
Reinfeldt: Agreement by G8 of 2°C goal is good but we now to take action to actually make that happen -- we need to make 25-40% emission reductions by 2020 (1990 levels) -- that's what the science says is required and great to hear the PM say it publicly... very good indeed to hear it.

10:39 EDT
Swedish PM speaking... "for everyday that goes by without us taking action the consequences will be more severe for all of us"

Maybe it's me, but there's nothing really new here -- even if everything Fredrik Reinfeldt is stating is entirely accurate, factual, there doesn't seem to be buzz around it -- everyone seems to be taking calls in the press room right now.

10:18 EDT
Yukio Hatoyama, the new prime minister of Japan, has taken the podium -- but frankly, the atmosphere has sagged a bit post Obama and Hu. Which is a bit of shame because...

On emission reduction targets: Developed countries need to take lead. Japan should commit itself to 25% by 2020 (good!) by 1990 levels. (This is met with clapping...)

Developing nations must reduce GHG emissions based on differentiated responsibilities... (which is UN-speak for acknowledging that nations should reduce poverty and grown their economies, but can't do so willy nilly, without regard to emissions).

NHK also released a survey showing strong support for Mr. Hatoyama. A nationwide telephone survey of 1,774 people aged 20 and older this weekend showed that 42 percent of respondents supported Hatoyama's emissions reduction plan, while 13 percent disapproved.

NHK World: NHK poll: 42% support Hatoyama's emissions goal


Pandabonium said…
Rephrasing the NHK poll -

In favor of human survival: 42%

Against human survival, including one's progeny: 13%

Not sure if survival of life on Earth is a worthwhile goal: 39%

Oh, my.
Martin J Frid said…
Maybe the 13% feel the 25% reductions are not enough, thus the "no support" for Hatoyama's emissions goal...?
Pandabonium said…
Hadn't thought of that, given all the deniers in the world, but perhaps that is true. Would be encouraging.

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