Hatoyama Wants 25% GHG Emission Cuts By 2020 From 1990 Levels

Hatoyama vows 25% emission cuts by Japan by 2020 from 1990, according to Breitbart/Kyodo and NHK. That's a big step forward compared to the LDP proposal of 8%.

"It is one of our pledges stipulated in our (election) manifesto so we have to have the political will to aim at its realization by utilizing all policy tools," Hatoyama said today.

Speaking to the Asahi World Environment Forum in Tokyo hosted by the Asahi Shimbun newspaper, Hatoyama urged other major countries to agree on "ambitious" reduction targets, saying such an accord will be a "precondition" for Tokyo's renewed emission cut goal. "We will aim to establish a fair and effective international framework involving all major countries in the world" to fight global warming, he added.

NHK World notes that Hatoyama added that he wants to start studying immediately after taking office what concrete assistance Japan can offer to developing countries. He said these efforts would be called the "Hatoyama initiative."

I hope they can make this happen. After the election, we are all waiting for new ideas. LDP clearly didn't have them. Takamasa Higuchi at WWF Japan said they "welcomes the courage of Yukio Hatoyama and believes he has the strength to set Japan on track for a low carbon future which will benefit people and nature, both in Japan and worldwide."

"Japan used to be the country driven by industry groups, but now we see a new prime minister with true leadership," he said.

WWF Japan (English Website) has a climate change campaign that you can support by becoming a member.

Back in June, I was rather busy blogging about this topic...

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Tom O said…
Talking the talk. The walking just requires one step to start, ne. Its a big promise and wouldn't it be just amazing if, in setting their stall out, they honoured it. Aruite kudasai!

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