Crude Oil

Oil, what does it mean. Crude oil, what a term. Crude. The fossile fuels we let others pump up from the ground, ship to us, refine it, and use, use, use. We pay, and they do the work. We have no ideas about the conditions they are experiencing. We just assume the stuff is there. Always.

Pandabonium, my blogging friend here in Japan, has made a post on his blog about the ABC documentary called Crude. I will watch it. Will you? It is available on the Internet. You can find out what oil is all about. Will you? Or do we, the consumers, prefer to be ignorant? I wonder.

The movie is called "Crude - the incredible journey of oil", directed by award-winning Australian filmmaker, Dr Richard Smith.

"Coming in the wake of rising global concerns about the continued supply of oil, and increasingly weird weather patterns, award-winning Australian filmmaker, Dr Richard Smith takes us through time: from the birth of oil deep in the dinosaur-inhabited past, to its ascendancy as the indispensable ingredient of modern life. Filmed on location in 11 countries across five continents, Smith consults the leading international scientific experts to join the dots between geology and economy and provide the big-picture view of oil."

It is available for viewing online in three half-hour segments - just click here:



Pandabonium said…
Thanks for posting this. I really think this film is up there with Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" in terms of important information and is a "must see".

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