Japan for Sustainability E-Mail Newsletter

Japan for Sustainablity has a E-Mail Newsletter service that I really like. The current issue introduces Chubu Recycle Citizen's Organization (CRCO), a Japanese non-governmental organization in the Chubu region of central Japan:

It was established in October 1980 by volunteers concerned about the modern disposable society and environmental destruction. Their principle is to "start from what they can do." They believe that each and every person has to cooperate in creating a recycling society.

Other news is about the "EcoLeaf" label, refurbished PCs, the Hokkaido New Energy Prize, and Soka City in Saitama:

Thirty-two families were certified as "Green Families" at an Environment Fair held by Soka City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan on January 27, 2007. They were selected from 146 families who had been participating in a campaign, "The Soka City Green Family Declaration," started in April 2006 by the city government and a group of citizens and businesses with the aim of supporting the city's stated policy of harmonious coexistence with the environment.

Since about 90% of my emails get deleted by my spam filters, this is one email that always cheers me up when it arrives. Well done JFS!


Pandabonium said…
I like that website - especially the stuff they offer children - which I learned about through your blog. Thanks for this post, I'll sign up right now.
Martin J Frid said…
Great! I like that they list items from around Japan, that might not make it to the major newspapers. There is a lot going on locally in Japan (and Asia) that deserves more attention.

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