Eco Park

Kirakusha is a project to let kids play with wood and learn about nature at the same time. Mr Masayuki Ogino makes small blocks of wood - and kids love it. He comes from Yamanashi prefecture and has lots of energy. He loves wood, and he loves to tell you about it.
I was glad to see NHK making space for about 20 different NGOs and NPOs, like Kirakusha. There was also stage with a eco fashion show with recycled materials, a dance performance and lots of talk shows.
Koen Dori in Shibuya, the main street from the station to NHK, will continue to have events until June 10. Here is the NHK Kankyo website. The tema is 明日のエコではまにあわない ("Eco tomorrow will not be enough") or a sense that we had better start doing something today, or it will be too late.


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