Swedish Midsummer in Japan

Today is Sweden's national day, but the two photos are from a Midsummer celebration in Mugikusatouge, way up in the Japanese alps in Nagano prefecture.
Swedish food was served, including smörgåsbord 「スモーガスボード」 the buffe style supper which Japanese people usually call "Viking".
The "May Pole" is called midsommarstång in Swedish and is an ancient pagan fertility symbol. Great hats too. Anyway, don't the photos just speak for themselves. A lovely time was obviously had by all. Glad midsommar?!

Photo Copyright Takahashi Kazuhiko, pls mention that and Kurashi News from Japan if you repost them :)


Pandabonium said…
Pickled herring? Glad Midsommar!
Martin J Frid said…
Got a can of surströmming waiting in my fridge, the fermented stuff that smells awful but taste great!

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