Ecocon 2007

College students in Japan are making a contest called Ecocon 2007 with participants from major universities all over the country. Shiori Sugimoto is from Osaka and goes to Teikyo University in Tokyo. She and her friends are all students but they want to do something for society and the environment. "Maido!" They get my prize for the most enthusiasm at the Eco Life Fair and Eco Park events here in Tokyo, June 2-3.

Runner up: One project I like is Suseco, a free magazine designed and produced by students. The name is a combination of "Sustainability" and "Ecology". Asuka Fujisawa is art director and Toshiki Tazawa is one of the writers who I talked to this weekend. These groups are all looking for volunteers so if you have some free time and good ideas, why not contact them and see what you can do together.


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