Ehime Mikan Juice

January is a great time to enjoy the many varieties of lemons, oranges and mikan that grow here in Japan.

My favourite juice is from Ehime. The Pom Juice is from 100% domestic mikan oranges.

They also introduced a brand that has no food additives (mutenka 無添加).

A very good way to get your daily dose of Vitamin C.

Ehime prefecture is one of the four prefectures of Shikoku.

Hiroko and Rick, based in New York, have a wonderful Itadakimasu blog about all kinds of issues that are close to the heart of Kurashi:

Shikoku is a small island of four prefectures. Since the island was isolated from the main island of Honshu until the 1988 opening of Seto Ohashi (Great Seto Bridge), Shikoku has developed a strong sense of community and pride in each of its prefectures. Kagawa is the place of origin for Sanuki Udon of which its people are extremely proud (myself included). Tokushima is famous for Awa Odori or Awa Dance and Tai (fluke fish). Kochi is well known for drinkers and Katsuo (Bonito...see Katsuo no Tataki) and Ehime is known for mikan (Japanese orange/tangerine) and Pom Juice.


Unknown said…
Hello Martin. Great post on Shikoku. I live in Matsuyama, Ehime and enjoy delicious Mikans. I used your image(s) for my post and wanted to let you know. ray marrero is the ZUMBA® SAMURI.

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