Asian films in Tokyo

As the Tokyo International Film Festival opens tomorrow, there will be a lot of Asian films. This is the first time since the original TIFF in 1985 that Asian films will open and close the event, according to the Daily Yomiuri that also notes that both the opener and the closer involve Japan's immediate neighbors in Asia. As the host country, Japan brings films in the competition section, special screenings and the Japanese Eyes section. One special screening piece, Until the Lights Come Back, is this year's major Christmas story set in Tokyo, telling the tale of what happens when a blackout hits the capital on Christmas Day...

Read more here (truly awful website, BTW). Asian Films is a good website if you want to read more about films from this part of the world. This website is specifically about Korean Films and here you can read about recent award-winning Japanese Films.

Some of the films shown at the Tokyo International Film Festival Oct. 22-30, 2005:


The Wayward Cloud
The Moon also Rises
Falling…in Love
Blue Cha-Cha
Taiwan Black Movies
Chocolate Rap
Fishing Luck
The Shoe Fairy
Scars on Memory
Fire Ball
The Last Rice Farmers


As You Please
A Sketch of a Rainy Day


Slit Eyes
Monday Morning Glory
Goalposts & Lipsticks
Of Love & Eggs
Joni's Promise
Aishite Imasu 1941
One Moment More
Citizen Dog
Midnight, My Love
Be with Me
A Side B Side Seaside
All about Love
Everlasting Regret
House of Fury
Mongolian Ping Pong
Curse of Lola
Focus:This Moment
Love is a Crazy Thing


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